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Joint Utility Reception
14th Annual Joint Utility Reception
Louisville Water Company
16-7879 Prequalification for Water Tank Services
Louisville Water Company is requesting applications for prequalification of Water Tank Services for upcoming bids later this year.
Louisville Water Company04/27/2016
17-46 H2infO Upgrade and Improvements
Louisville Water Company is requesting proposals from firms experienced in web development work, implementation support services and implementation quality assurance services specifically using elcomCMS Content Management System, for enterprise-wide company intranet in an effort to establish a master agreement to support the development, planning, evaluation, and implementation of LWC’s H2infO’s projects. The proposer shall work closely with LWC’s internal staff and other stakeholders, including software product vendor, Elcom. Proposer shall also provide post go live support.
Louisville Water Company03/15/2017
17-13 Engineer of Record
Engineer of Record - Please refer to the Engineering/Construction side of the planroom for more information.
Louisville Water Company03/22/2017
RFP 16-166 / Prequalified Banks and Brokers/Dealers to Provide Investing Services
Louisville Water Company is requesting Proposals from Qualified Institutions to pre-qualify in order to execute investment transactions with operating funds.
Louisville Water Company03/22/2017
17-62 Cement
Louisville Water Company is requesting bids for Cement to be used in concrete, mortar, grouts, and general construction applications. This is a one (1) year contract renewable for up to three (3) additional one (1) year terms, utilizing the Producers Price Index (PPI) for price adjustments.
Louisville Water Company03/29/2017
17-12 Security Services for 3rd Street
Louisville Water Company is requesting bids for the purchase and delivery of Security Services for the 3rd Street offices and garage area.
Louisville Water Company04/05/2017
17-61 Contingency Contract for Motor Repairs
Louisville Water Company is requesting bids for a contingency contract for repair work on large capacity pump station motors. This contract will be for two (2) years with the provision to renew up to three (3) additional one-year terms at the sole discretion of Louisville Water Company.
Louisville Water Company04/05/2017
Order17-14 Ductile Iron Fittings & Accessories
Louisville Water Company is requesting bids for the purchase and delivery of Ductile Iron Fittings and Accessories
Louisville Water Company04/12/2017